Stranger in a strange land

Hello World.  More accurately, hello the world outside of the Great Firewall.  Of course, I’ve been back 6X/year for the last 4 years, but my heart, mind, and attention was inside the Celestial Kingdom.  Now I’ve reentered with a third-culture perspective, able to pretend to be the same as everyone else here on the surface, but also with an overlay of what is going on in China and by extension in the rest of the world.  It’s a global perspective that I didn’t have before, and it’s what I sought out, but coming back evokes the feeling that “no man steps in the same river twice.”  Sometimes I wish I didn’t have that mental overhead.

Well, I needed to create a blog to be able to authenticate and play with Search Console (nee Webmaster Tools) and Google Analytics so here it is…nothing more.  Hopefully Google will reindex this using whatever crufty backlinks are still out there!