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Shanghai Yarn Shopping

At my wife’s request, I did some yarn shopping in Shanghai. Not knowing anything about yarn, knowing only a little about Shanghai, and being a confirmed uninterested shopper, I set out to a specific intersection provided to me by my wife via her Ravelry friends. True love means overcoming your worst fears and shopping for yarn!

Here’s the storefront.

Here’s the front entrance.

Here’s some of the shelves, chock full of yarn.

Here’s the yarn I purchased.

Here’s how much it cost (in RMB).

Here’s the shopkeeper and me!

Sichuan Earthquake: I wish I could do more

This past week was crazy. On Monday 5/12, after the Sichuan earthquake happened, we tried to respond by sharing news of China earthquake pictures and blogosphere coverage, then later compiled an earthquake donation guide that is now up to 40 ways to give. I donated to American Red Cross and Mercy Corps so far, both of which are reputable US tax-deductible organizations with reputable local partners in China, the Red Cross Society of China and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA). Oliver Ding then created a great slideshow version of the donation post. In short, I wish I could do more. Prayer, donation, and sharing information is what I’ve done so far.

China earthquake vigil